2021 USB E-Board announced


After a week filled with promotional videos, digital flyers and story shoutouts, Diamond Bar High School’s 2021 USB Executive Board have been chosen.

Next year’s board officers are juniors Justin Tsai as president, Kathleen Nie as vice president, Alexis Lin as speaker of the house, Ashley Lin as IOC chairperson, Katie Choi as secretary and Nevin Bangloy as finance director. This year 1,151 ballots were casted, and another 953 during reruns.

  With this year’s campaign being exclusively online, candidates had to find creative ways to stand out from their competitors. Tsai accomplished this through TikTok, with a promotional video of his own as well as an endorsement from viral TikTok creators, the Voros Twins. 

“I came up with ideas for my campaign by looking at current trends on TikTok and the explosion in popularity among us, which I incorporated both into my campaign,” Tsai said via Instagram. 

Other candidates used digital flyers and story shoutouts to spread their name. They used campaign videos to highlight their qualifications and personalities.

“For my campaign, I wanted to make sure my posters and videos stood out and were unique to my personality,” Nie said via Instagram.

Some of the officers have been part of USB since their freshmen year, while others joined their sophomore year. Using their experiences, the board has said they hope to use their background to fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities.

“I ran for president specifically because I am currently on the E-Board and becoming president was my end goal,” Tsai said.

As Executive Board president, Tsai’s job is to oversee all aspects of USB and ensure that USB’s goals for the school are fulfilled. 

Like many other newly-elected officers, Tsai said he plans to work with his peers to find alternative ways to hold school events while still upholding social distancing guidelines.

“My goals for this year is to go back to school and plan events to make up for the lack of interaction we have had over these past couple months, while also making these events safe to attend,” Tsai said. 

This year’s officers share the goal of upholding strong bonds with one another. Nie said that it was the loving stories and pictures of USB members bonding that prompted her to join.

“I’m really looking forward to getting to know all the new USB members and becoming friends with them. USB is a family and I’m so excited to form my new family,” Nie said. 

As vice president, Nie’s job is to assist the president and ensure that all campus elections run smoothly.

“Vice president was perfect for me because it’s about supporting the president. Everyone needs some help and I think I can offer that help in the best way possible,” Nie said.

 One of the first tasks the newly elected board will undertake is the process of selecting new commissioners for 2021.