2020 fashion trends around the world

While most people are wearing leisurewear or pajamas all day during the pandemic, there are other trends from around the world that can be incorporated into one’s style to achieve a more fashion-forward look despite being stuck indoors. 

South Korea

Many young teens from South Korea tend to rock the streetwear look which is influenced by western and hip hop culture. One necessary item to accomplish this look is cargo jeans. Featured in many KPOP music videos and performances, these baggy jeans with multiple pockets offer a more relaxed and effortless appearance suiting any gender.

Available in a wide range of colors, the jeans can be paired with a chain belt, T-shirt and a bucket hat to create a grunge appearance. Another trend that Koreans follow is the monochrome look with tailored, yet oversized blazers. For example, a common style found on the streets of Seoul is an all white outfit. It can be achieved by wearing a boyfriend blazer, trouser set and blouse of the same color styled with gold jewelry, heels or casual sneakers. Men can compose the same look by wearing an oversized blazer, turtleneck or plain t-shirt and some gold or silver belt chains. 



Known as the fashion capital of the world, Paris is the origin of many notable fashion designers such as Chanel and Dior. This year the French have opted for a sophisticated yet easy-going style for 2020. Swapping skinny jeans for straight jeans this season, most people prefer the elongated length that the pants give the legs this season. These pairs of denim can be worn with any outfit allowing one to transition from casual to chic with ease. The waistline of the jeans hug tightly at your waist and the width of the hem is straight from hip to ankle. The jeans can be paired with practically anything: from T-shirts, to tank tops, to blouses, in a wide array of colors. 

Another style popular in France is boyfriend trench coats. In the mid 2000s, the trench coat was worn for a more tailored look, but now the oversized look is taking over the fashion industry. It can be thrown over any outfit to give it a modern and elevated look. These coats are defined by their huge collars and long length which extends to the knee. A tip for wearing a boyfriend trench coat is to wear high waisted jeans such as straight jeans or trousers to accentuate your waistline and wear sneakers for a casual style or high heels and boots for a more formal occasion.

Another recently turned casual style is the vests. Prior to this season, the vest, often in neutral colors, was mostly worn underneath suits  to give off an elegant look. For this season, however, both men and women can be seen walking the streets of Paris adorned with a colorful vest incorporated in  their outfits this season. By pairing it with a T-shirt underneath the vest and some denim jeans, the outfit looks more suitable in the city life than in the workplace. 

United States

Stepping away from the neon colors that were popular back in 2019, America is embracing neutral colors for this season. Similar to the other countries listed, boyfriend blazers are also popular in the U.S. These oversized jackets, with straight-cut appearances, cover the hips and allow for a cool and tailored look.

 A tip for styling this jacket is to pair it with high waisted jeans or trousers to maintain the body’s shape and not drown in all of the fabric. Adding a blazer is a simple way to boost one’s appearance and confidence. You can immediately change up a look by pairing an outfit with an asymmetrical shirt or one-shoulder top which was popularized earlier this year.

One sought-after item that both men and women want to integrate in their wardrobe this year is the crossbody bag. These bags come in many colors and brands including Nike, Supreme and Prada. Most men prefer wearing a casual outfit such as a T-shirt and pants so they can make their bags the main focus of the look. 



Contrary to popular belief that the majority of people in Japan only follow the Harajuku style, defined by Lolita fashion and cosplay, most people tend to stay away from bright colors and prefer neutrals and black. As a conservative country, most people would layer their strappy dresses and tank tops with a T-shirt or blouse and pair them with jeans or light pastel trousers. 

Similar to the straight jeans in France, the Japanese people prefer trousers in a straight cut and pair them with chunky sneakers. Women can pair these trousers with a sweetheart neckline top and some gold jewelry. On the other hand, men can incorporate this trend with a baggy T-shirt and casual sneakers.