Home runs shutout DBHS – Chino rivalry

After suffering a loss in the third round of CIF last season, the Diamond Bar High School softball team has come into the  new season swinging, opening the league with three consecutive wins. 

“This [year] will be a very strong season because every returner is back and we all are working towards a common goal to make it to CIF,” senior captain Emily Ruhl said.  

Despite last season’s accomplishments, the team expresses their hopes to improve with the help of freshman first baseman Kaitlyn Torres. 

“She’s something new, and we hope that she continues to help us out in the future,” Ruhl said.

Torres isn’t the only important part of the team. For his second year, history teacher Ty Watkins remains assistant coach to help head coach Kurt Davies. The girls explained that Watkins complements Davies in his coaching style. 

“He [Watkins] brings so much fun to the team, and he brings a sense of enjoyment for the game,” junior Carina Sanchez said. “Together, they bring equilibrium into the team.” 

Something that hasn’t changed this season is the team’s captains, as seniors Ruhl and Alexandra Tejeda are in their third year of leading the Lady Brahmas. Both will continue playing at the collegiate level, Tejeda at Pace University in New York and Ruhl at Weber State University in Idaho. This is a personal victory for Tejeda, who tore her ACL last year and had to go through multiple rounds of physical therapy. 

The Brahmas defeated Chino last Monday, Diamond Bar’s biggest rival, leaving them with a 3-0 record in league competition. Diamond Bar also defeated Montclair 5-4 and Ontario 15-0. 

“There was just a lot of tension when going against Chino last year, but it made the game really fun and everybody was obviously really in it, on edge,” Ruhl said. After that DB loss, the teams came close to a physical altercation.

During this season’s game,  junior Sierra Griego hit a home run while sophomore Sarah Ruhl socked two doubles. Also, the Brahmas scored five runs in the first inning and then coasted to a 15-6 victory. 

“When I hit my home run I was like ‘No way did that just happen’ and then I started jogging into home,” Griego said. “Everyone was cheering for me and it was pretty great.”

As for the future of the team, all games have been postponed to an unknown time due to current outbreaks of the coronavirus. The question of whether or not spring sports will be competing this year remains uncertain.