Trending Hairstyles and Accessories

Inspired by throwbacks of the 1990s, hairstyles and accessories are making a comeback among students. As children, many teens wore these hairstyles for practical use; now it brings a pop of color and sparkle for any outfit of choice.



Although they are usually worn to boost Brahma spirit during sports games, they are now moving into classrooms as everyday wear. Bandanas can be worn as a headband to pull back stubborn flyaways or tied across the forehead to give off a bohemian look. This can be obtained by folding the fabric in half repeatedly until the desired width and tying the ends. You can also style it by folding the square bandana into a triangle and placing it on your head. Another newest style makes use of the ponytail look by tying a bandana into the pony, providing an effortless, yet put together, hairstyle. Yet another way to wear the bandana is to intertwine it into a messy bun that covers up your mistakes and gives you a unique aesthetic.

Hair clips

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, these accessories serve two main purposes: to sweep hair away from your face and to spice up a hairstyle. There are so many effortless ways to freshen up your hairstyle by using matte or pearled statement clips, butterfly clips or snaps clips. For statement clips, you can start following the trend by clipping one or two on either side of your part for a simple girly look or on only one side of your part for an edgier look. To style butterfly clips, find the part that works for you and grab a tiny section on each side of your head. Start twisting the sections and clip it with a tiny butterfly clip and your look is finished. Another option is the larger size butterfly clips. Using your thumb and pinky finger, grab a top section of your hair and pin it in place. Although statement clips give the hair some personality and a boost of style, if there are too many, it can look very messy, and that is where snap hair clips come in handy. 

 Coming in different shapes and colors, clips  can be put in front of your hair to frame your face then pull out some wisps from your side bangs to complete the look.


Celebrities such as Justin Timerlake in his early years and Kit Harinton (Jon Snow in “The Game of Thrones”) have inspired the recent trend in permanent waves. Now you can’t pass the halls without seeing a guy with a perm. Most people perm the top sections of hair, which allows some sections of hair to cascade down to the face similar to Elvis Presley’s signature look. This hairstyle is effortless and quick to style, just by brushing your hair with a wide comb completes the look. Although getting a perm is on the pricey side, costing up to $150, it has many benefits in the long run. As you don’t have to do much to style your hair to get the “perfect” result, you can snooze your alarm for 10 minutes to arrive to school.  It is truly a good example of a simple yet chic hairstyle to boast.

fade haircuts

The very first fade haircut originated in the 1940s and ‘50s in the U.S. military, but the hairstyle is now pervading throughout pop culture and is popular among teenagers. The fade hairstyle is where the sides and back of the head is closely cut and tapers up to the length you prefer in the front. It has a similar look to a modern pompadour hairstyle, which is a swoop up front and a low or skin fade around the sides. The styling is pretty simple as you only need a matte hair product such as a clay, fiber, or water-based pomade. This allows the hair to achieve a natural finish with some subtle movement without dealing with the same sticky and stiff feeling that gel gives you. It has become a classic hairstyle that boys gravitate toward all season round.

Dyed Bangs

Although this hairstyle isn’t as popular as the other trends on this list, it is prominent in the entertainment world, and also serves to help people express their personality. Often viewed as a grunge look, dyed bangs create an artistic persona, expressing personality with a statement hairstyle. There are so many options to dye your bangs, as you can change colors every season and you can choose to have all your bangs dyed or just half. Most people opt for a looser dye  on just one side of the bangs and fade to create a more natural vibe. Another option is to dye the framing pieces of your hair to shape your face more and give it more dimension.