Thrift flips on a budget

The comeback of the 1980s and ’90s inspired wardrobes and vintage pieces has brought the activity of thrifting into the spotlight, especially for high school teens. Thrifting is not only a unique way to express one’s sense of style but also supports sustainable fashion.

Although thrifting has become a hobby for many teens, the activity comes with its own fair share of work. Often, the items purchased turn out not to be the right size. Modifying thrifted clothes at home is therefore beneficial since the buyer can adjust the clothing piece’s size and style to their own taste. Here are a few thrift flips you can try the next time you go shopping:

High waisted shorts

With this year’s intense summer heat wave, one can never go wrong with a solid staple pair of high waisted denim shorts. Yet, the price tag on these bottoms can be quite costly. For example, a pair of shorts from Urban Outfitters can cost up to $70. While these retail items are quite pricey, thrift stores offer a much more extensive collection of denim pants, and they only cost around $5-$20. After thrifting a pair of high-rise jeans, simply try on the pants and mark a spot that would indicate the desired length of your shorts. The next step is to cut off the pant legs of the jeans and cuff your new shorts once or twice for a vintage-inspired “mom-shorts” look. If the denim shorts are large around your waist area, throw on a belt to cinch it around your waist, and this ’80s throwback outfit is completed.

Cropped quarter zips

The fashion trends of 2019 are not complete without cropped quarter zips, but these sweaters can also be pricey, with brands such as Brandy Melville selling them for $40-$50. Luckily, the men’s sections from thrift stores are filled with large and oversized vintage quarter zips that would be presentable after minor alterations and a few washes. The best part is that these clothing items usually cost under #10 to thrift at a store like Goodwill. After purchasing a large quarter zip, fold the sweater within itself until it reaches one’s desired length, and cut off the excess fabric at the bottom. This new cropped long sleeve can be paired with shorts for a fall look or be used as a pullover in the winter. This trendy top is a timeless piece that is definitely worth the thrift.

White graphic tees

Although white graphic tees are a cute addition to anyone’s closet, they can be unreasonably pricey, costing up to a hefty $30 at stores like Pacsun. But with the help of a thrifted white T-shirt, which could cost less than $5, and some T-shirt transfer paper, this graphic tee can be recreated at a much lower price. After thrifting a shirt, simply print your chosen graphic design onto the T-shirt transfer paper. Then, press the graphic face down onto the center of your shirt and heat it up by smoothing a hot iron onto the back of the design. After you lift up the transfer paper, you’ll find the graphic ironed onto the plain tee.

Thrifting is a great way to save money, support sustainable fashion and spice up your daily wardrobe with trendy, vintage-inspired pieces.