Sushi that’s not all that

All That Sushi, a new restaurant  in Chino Hills, is nothing special compared to all of the other Japanese restaurants in the Diamond Bar area. 

As I entered the restaurant, I noticed that the interior was clean and had a modern design, which was very appealing. But  it was cramped with only a bar area and a few small tables. I was surprised at how empty it was considering it was the weekend and newly opened. 

 My sisters and I sat down at a table near the back of the restaurant and ordered hot tea and water, which were both free. It took about 15 minutes for someone to finally take our order, which was disappointing considering the fact that there were only a few other people in the restaurant and more than enough staff members. 

I ordered a combination of beef teriyaki with a side of mixed tempura ($17), my older sister ordered the Ron’s Special roll ($14) and my younger sister ordered their udon noodle soup with a side of tempura ($10). All the dishes arrived in 20 minutes. 

My combination had a complimentary yet mediocre miso soup that had no unique flavors. My order also came with rice, salad and an orange slice. The beef was tough and the sauce was bland. 

The tempura was probably the best part of the dish. It was perfectly fried with a light crispy coating and a soft, juicy interior. The tempura included shrimp, kabocha squash, sweet potato and carrot. On the other hand, the salad also disappointed me since the dressing left a bitter aftertaste and was closer to a puree in texture. 

The Ron’s Special Roll came with salmon on the inside and yellow tail on the outside. To my disappointment, the salmon didn’t taste fresh and was overpoweringly fishy. The yellow tail on the other hand was slightly cooked, which added another layer of flavor, making it my sister’s favorite part of the roll. 

The best dish was the udon. It had a good amount of flavor and the noodles were chewy and not mushy. It also came with fishcakes on top, which were cooked perfectly. It tasted a lot better than the ones I had tried in the past, which did not have as much flavor.

All That Sushi did not live up to its name, as it was definitely not all that I had hoped it would be. The combination and the roll were definitely not worth the amount we paid for them. I will most likely not be going again and would rather go to one of the Japanese restaurants in Diamond Bar than drive out to Chino Hills for a meal that is both lacking and disappointing.