Spring Break Activities

Beyond expensive overseas trips and overpriced cruises, Spring Break offers a chance for students to take in the many national resources of Southern California. To enjoy your break to the fullest without breaking the bank, the Bull’s Eye staff has compiled a list of affordable activities to enjoy.

Flower fields

Make the most of California’s spring season and visit some local flower fields in nearby Riverside County. From an open field of flowers in Lake Elsinore to Temecula’s Color Spot Nurseries, one of the biggest greenhouse in the world, you can enjoy the natural beauty with friends and family. These Instagramable trips have breathtaking views that will have you wishing springtime will never end.

Beach day

One of the best things about living in the Golden State is the beaches. Take advantage of our location by going on a trip with your friends to the Pacific Ocean in Huntington, Newport or Laguna Beach. While basking in the sun, enjoy a picnic on the sand or immerse yourself in a new book. With a blanket, umbrella and some snacks, you will be set for a day by the shore.

Camping and road trip

A great way to relax and unplug from overwhelming school life is to go camping. Camping can be done on a relatively low budget and you are on your way to a memorable trip with just a tent, some food and some good company. If you’re looking for a brief camping trip, the Chino Hills State Park, Firestone Scout Reservation and Veterans Park all provide camping sites within a 15-minute drive from Diamond Bar. If you are feeling more daring, take a road trip to a national park like Yosemite or Joshua Tree. After a day of hiking and sightseeing, fall asleep under the stars with your friends or family.

Slumber party

Staying home for the break does not have to be boring—you can transform your room into an epic slumber party filled with snacks and invite your friends over for a fun getaway from reality. From pillow fights to movie marathons, sleepovers can strengthen relationships as you spend more time with your friends. For an unconventional twist, take your camping supplies and turn your backyard into a camping site. Make the most of your night by spending the night stargazing or telling horror stories.