Science instructor honored by colleagues

Chemistry-Physics teacher Teresa Hebert recognized as Teacher of the Year.


Victoria Artale

DBHS science teacher Teresa Hebert, left, watches as senior Joshua Lee demonstrates an electricity experiment in her fifth period regular physics class.

DBHS science teacher Teresa Hebert, left, watches as senior Joshua Lee demonstrates an electricity experiment in her fifth period regular physics class.

At this year’s annual Teacher Appreciation luncheon, Diamond Bar High School science teacher Teresa Hebert was presented with the Teacher of the Year award for her dedication and willingness to help.

The event was hosted by the Magnificent Seven, a group of parent groups, in the gym on April 5. Other candidates for the award were social studies teacher Cathy Lee, math teacher Jimmy Kuo and music teacher Marie Sato, who were nominated by fellow teachers in their departments.

“[I felt] honored. It was nice to be recognized. It’s been a really good experience: the students are really good, the administration has been good and my fellow teachers have been awesome,” Hebert said.

Involved with the DBHS Health Occupations Students of America club, or HOSA, for the past two years as an adviser, Hebert often holds meetings in her room during lunch and attends competitions and events with the club members. Hebert previously coached Science Olympiad as well.

Hebert said her main focus in her daily teaching is to prepare her students in their studies, whether it be for college or to improve their work ethic.  

“My main goal as a teacher is to teach kids not just the subject matter, but skills, like how to take notes,” Hebert said. “For my AP class, I like to focus on making sure that they know how to take notes and use their notes, so when they go to college, it’s easier for them. For my kids in regular chem, sometimes it’s to get them ready for the next level and sometimes it’s hoping that one of them will like science, any science.”

Instructional Dean Nicole Cabase praised Hebert for her willingness to help anyone, regardless of who they are.

“I think she was a good selection for teacher of the year because she is always available and willing to help, whether its her colleagues or her students or students that aren’t actually her students,” Cabase said. “She always does it with a smile on her face. People don’t feel afraid to approach her, and I think it’s that what makes students so comfortable and relate so well to her.”

Hebert has been teaching at Diamond Bar for almost her entire career. Before teaching, Hebert worked for Baxter Healthcare and was a stay-at-home mom. In her eight years at DBHS, Hebert has taught all levels of chemistry from regular to AP, Integrated Science, AP Environmental Science and Conceptual Physics.

Aside from teaching, Hebert said her favorite part about her job is being around students and getting to know what they enjoy.

“Seeing what you guys are into, what kind of music, what kind of movies, even the t-shirts you guys wear, that tells a lot about you guys…that’s probably my favorite part about teaching,” Hebert said.