Restaurant Review: Nekter Juice Bar

A new healthy snack destination just opened up in Diamond Bar, Nekter Juice Bar falls short of expectations. If you’re looking for a place with delicious smoothies and acai bowls, I suggest looking elsewhere. 

The juice bar, which opened about a month ago, is a small shop that serves juices, smoothies and acai bowls. The interior only has a few tables and a refrigerator filled with healthy snacks, juices and health shots. Their menu is completely vegan, substituting dairy for cashew milk and coconut water. 

I ordered a small pink flamingo superfood smoothie ($6.50) and my sister ordered an acai banana berry bowl ($8.50). Both of these items are listed as best sellers on the menu. The line to order was short, but it took around 20 minutes for our order to arrive. This seemed excessive since all they had to do was throw fruit in a blender. However, the long wait was most likely due to the fact that the shop only had two blenders, and the employees were backed up on orders. 

When we finally received our order, we were surprised to find that they both had a pleasing color, and the fruit on top of the acai bowl was sliced evenly. The worker had filled our bowl almost to the top though I had seen other customers walk out with their bowls filled only halfway.

Although the colorful presentation met my expectations, the taste did not. The pink flamingo smoothie, that contains pineapple, dragon fruit and strawberries, was incredibly bland. It tasted like watered down pineapple juice. Unfortunately, the acai bowl disappointed me even more. Paired with the fruit and granola, the taste of the smoothie mixture was bearable, but when I tried the acai without all of the toppings, it had no flavor aside from a slight tartness. Both of the items were definitely not worth the amount I paid for them. 

I admire how all of the items on the Nekter Juice Bar menu are extremely healthy, but I will most likely not be coming back due to their bland bowls and smoothies. I hoped that this juice bar would provide me with healthy alternatives that tasted as good as they looked, but the shop did not meet my expectations.