Restaurant Review: BurgerIM

Although driving from Diamond Bar to Montclair for a hamburger may seem impractical, BurgerIM’s unique selection of burgers and filling portions make the 15 minute trip worthwhile.

BurgerIM’s walls, decorated with neon embellishments and high ceiling lights, give the restaurant a modern, inviting atmosphere. However, I was hit with a heavy barbeque scent upon entry, which was unpleasantly overpowering until a fan was turned on. Since my mother and I were one of the first people there, we received our food in a matter of minutes. 

 I ordered the angus beef cheeseburger ($6.99), which included lettuce, shaved onions, BurgerIM’s custom house sauce and a side of french fries. After taking my first bite, I was quite impressed by how well all of the ingredients complimented each other. The onions did not have an overwhelming taste, and the patty itself was not drowning in the house sauce. This pleasantly allowed for each flavor of the burger to stand out. 

The complementary disc-shaped french fries were a unique visual but lacked flavor. The fries were chewy, and while it seemed as if there were actual potatoes baked into the fried inner layer, the reality was that the fries were similar to a Lay’s chip bag: full of air.

This restaurant offers a unique selection of burgers, ranging from salmon to lamb, that others in the chain near Diamond Bar do not offer. 

My mom ordered a falafel burger with a side of sweet potato fries ($6.99), and I was surprised to find that the flavor of the falafel tasted authentic. The onion and parsley flavor, as well as the moist patty, paired well with the pickles and lettuce in the burger. 

Usually, I’m not a fan of sweet potato fries, but BurgerIM’s are an exception. The fries are very crisp and had a flavor that vaguely reminded me of cinnamon, which was refreshing from the savory taste of both hamburgers. 

I suggest customers to go to BurgerIM on an empty stomach, since each hamburger ranges from a third to a quarter pounds. Because of the burger options I didn’t try, I will definitely return to BurgerIM.