Powderpuff planned to reappear in April

After finding many participants for the flag football event, junior Angela Medina looks to bring it back.


The last Powderpuff game at DBHS was held in April of 2016.

Though Powderpuff was discontinued at Diamond Bar High School in 2016 due to a player injury, junior Angela Medina hopes to bring back the event this year.

“I’m not an active person, but the idea of flag football is really fun to me. Also my friends are athletes and I want to play a sport with them at school,” Medina said. “I had a feeling no one was going to take the initiative to plan PowderPuff, so I was like—might as well be me.”

Medina said that she has spoken with Athletic Director Albert Lim, but has to speak with the school principal first to receive approval for the event to take place. Also, for Lim to consider Powderpuff to be an event, there has to be enough interest from students.

“By just posting for one day, I got 50 signups, and I feel like that is enough people to actually show there’s a large interest in the sport—and that’s not even through a week of posting flyers and saying it in the intercom, so I think we can get a lot more people,” Medina said.

Medina said that if the event does get approved by the school, she plans to hold an informational meeting to introduce the details of  Powderpuff. Then, she will start having students complete clearances and liability waivers.

She has already spoken with a few male students from varsity sports, and intends to ask football players to serve as coaches. She is aiming for Powderpuff to take place at the football field during April.

Although she has never participated in Powderpuff, Medina heard about it in her freshman year, and from her brother who attended Troy High School. The prior Powderpuff event was organized by retired pep coach Whitney Prenger as a fundraiser for the team.

“I just want everyone to have fun and like to make Powderpuff a tradition. Like it used to be a tradition here until a girl got hurt, and  I understand that’s really bad and terrible, but there’s no guarantee that you will always be safe if you’re playing a sport,” Medina said. “My goal is just for everyone to have fun because that’s what sports should be.”