Now Showing: Lego Movie 2

Everything is definitely not awesome when it comes to the second installment of “The Lego Movie” series. Lacking the upbeat and exciting feeling of the original, “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” replaces it with cheesy jokes, a confusing plot and a cringe-worthy soundtrack.

The movie picks up right where the first one ended: beings from the “Systar System” come to destroy the town of Bricksburg. Several attacks on Bricksburg turn this once happy town into “Apocalypseburg,” a dark and bruting civilization. General Mayhem (Stephanie Beatriz), an inhabitant of the “Systar System,” captures five of “Apocalypseburg’s” bravest leaders to her planet, and Emmet (Chris Pratt) goes on a journey to rescue his friends, accompanied by future version of himself Rex Dangervest.

From here, the plot grows  very complicated and multiple plot twists are thrown in the end. These plot twists fail to  clear up the foggy storyline, leading to more confusion and an unsatisfying ending.

The plot is filled with moments where it seems as if the creators tried way too hard to make this movie similar to the first. The villains from both films follow similar paths, and the ending is predictable due to the similarity between the two characters. Additionally, in both movies, the protagonist feels the need to change and become someone they’re not.

In an attempt to replicate the catchy theme song from the first movie, in this movie, the song is literally called “Catchy Song” and repeats the lyrics “this songs gonna get stuck inside your head” over and over. The song is incredibly annoying, the epitome of terrible music.

There are also several other songs that are featured in this film, which are just as bad. The songs sound as if the singers are just saying the words instead of singing, and the entire soundtrack is full of autotune and sounds over processed.

What makes this movie extremely uncomfortable to watch are the terrible jokes. They seem very forced, especially the scene where a character does the floss dance. Even for a kids film, the jokes seemed childish and annoying, only appealing to elementary and middle schoolers. The only real comedic relief is from one character, Mom (Maya Rudolph), but sadly she is only on screen for a few minutes.

Despite the confusing plot and poorly timed jokes, the animation is well-executed and makes everything seemed to be made out of legos.

The movie is also able to achieve some excitement in its few plot twists, but these twists soon become overly complicated and hard to understand. It felt as if the creators had no other ideas on how to end the movie, so they threw in several incomplete surprises in an attempt to tie up the loose ends.

The movie is not engaging at all, reaching the point where I was wondering when it was going to be over.

The plot seemed to drag on forever as I waited for the predictable plot to unravel and the inevitable ending to occur. The film lives up to the expectation that sequels are never as good as the first movie.