Let’s trash these 2018 trends

Fashion and pop culture were swept up by some truly baffling trends last year. Many of these crazes seemed designed intentionally to go viral. As we start the new year, assistant feature editor Kristen Sanchez offers a list of tragic trends that should retire.

Tik Tok

The rebranded Musical.ly app is unfortunately back once again in the form of the app TikTok. The platform is meant for creating and sharing short music videos where many, quite literally, find their 15 seconds of fame. The once ludicrously famous “Musers” have returned to become TikTok famous for more tasteless videos that quickly lose their entertainment value. They are pointless, unfunny and the epitome of trash content that so many teenagers waste their time on.

Ugly Sneakers

Clunky orthopedic shoes like Balenciaga’s, Louis Vuitton Archlights and Triple S Trainers emerged as popular from celebrity street style and are usually paired with equally unflattering baggy clothes  to complete the popularized “dad” look. This tacky trend  looks more like something you could buy from Costco for $15 and wouldn’t be nearly as expensive, popular or praised for high fashion without the designer name attached. Save yourself the time and bypass this trend or at least save yourself the money and pick yourself up a pair from the men’s section of your local Payless Shoe store instead for a truly authentic dad look.

Small Glasses


Often worn on the tip of the nose and made in an array of colors, these oddly shaped glasses come in many forms and were made popular quickly after the dreadful “clout” glasses phase of 2018. Though initially worn as a gag, these  glasses quickly fell into circulation in the fashion world after personalities like the Kardashians and Emma Chamberlain had us convinced convinced that these “Matrix”-inspired glasses were actually attractive. Nevertheless, the reality is that these dysfunctional accessories are almost as moronic as they are unflattering and should be left in 2018.

Flossing and Dabbing

It’s hard to remember a time when Flossing and Dabbing were seen as chuckle-worthy gags rather than as annoyances that are now sure to get you a look of disgust from many of your peers. This shows how long this trend has dragged on for. Flossing and Dabbing is dead—the hand in between the crook of the arm gesture as well as the nonsensical dance move have lost their charm but have become second nature to many. Bad habits that have made their way into songs, video games, music videos and into the daily lives of many. It may be hard to shake, but these nonsensical gags have done their time.