Inspired by family to photograph



With the click of a shutter, a whole world is captured in one small frame of a camera. Junior Saarth Trivedi and seniors Jason Xie and Aishwarya Rane venture out to snap up many of these worlds on film.

Trivedi was introduced to photography after his father taught him how to take photos. Photography is an important familial aspect of Trivedi’s life, as his father had learned photography from Trivedi’s grandfather.

Among the numerous types of photography, the junior enjoys astrophotography and photographing landscapes and nature. Trivedi often travels on weekends specifically to take photos, which he posts on Instagram at @saartht and sells on Ebay.

“What motivates me is knowing when I go take photos, I’m by myself. It’s a way to escape the stress from school and I always think of it as an outlet to relax,” Trivedi said.

Xie is a landscape photographer who enjoys going up to hills to photograph the scenery without obstruction. His passion for photography stemmed from his late father, who was also a landscape photographer.

“Unfortunately, [my father] passed away before he could pass on any [photography] knowledge to me. When I developed the interest from looking at his old stuff, I picked up his equipment and started doing it on my own,” Xie said.

Recently, Xie’s New Year’s resolution was to venture out once a week to take unique photos, which he posts on Instagram under the username @penguinospics. Although the senior finds joy in photography, he plans on pursuing it only as a side career.

“My motivation is mostly to improve. Every time I look at one of my old pictures, you know when you’re looking at your old work. It’s really cringy, so that motivates me to keep being better to the point where I can show off my own work and say that it’s my own,” Xie said.

Rane was exposed to photography as her mother constantly took photos throughout Rane’s childhood. Although her mother was less experienced in the technicalities of photography such as adjusting controls and lenses, the senior was inspired to explore the inner workings of the camera on her own.

“When I was younger, my mom used to be really into photography, so I wanted to use her camera but she said I couldn’t use it until I was 10. Most of my life, she took pictures,” Rane said. “Because she had a camera, I wanted to use a camera, so that’s how I learned how to take photos.”

Rane’s favorite place to take photos is any place with unique architecture, such as New York and Los Angeles. Besides architecture, Rane also offers to take homecoming or prom photos, which she posts on Instagram at

“I think I like editing the photos. Because it’s kind of like an artistic approach to it—it’s not just clicking a button, but instead, spending… 20 minutes to edit one photo, [and] seeing the end products of photography,” Rane said. “For me, it’s like the way that you would paint something with a brush is equivalent to how you edit a photo.”