Hotties-Nashville Chicken House

The recent opening of Hotties–Nashville Chicken House’s in Chino Hills provides a casual spot to grab some comfort food for a quick bite for lunch. The modern hole-in-the-wall restaurant delivers crispy, flavorful chicken to satisfy your cravings.

Although it is surrounded by the many stores in The Shoppes at Chino Hills, Hotties manages to stand out among the crowd with its urban black exterior. The unusually long line of people outside its doors also piqued my attention.

Upon entering, I felt like I walked into a local bar rather  than a chicken restaurant, due to the store’s fluorescent signs and dark lighting. The room itself was really cramped, and with the chicken being fried not too far away, it felt slightly suffocating. Seeing how there were only two small tables and booths available, Hotties seemed to be  catered more toward takeout than a dine-in experience.

The cashier’s excessive conversation with each customer also unnecessarily held up the line. I ordered a mild chicken and thigh combo for $7.99, along with a side of Hottie’s truffle mac and cheese for $4.49.

After I waited about  15 minutes, my order arrived. The chicken itself came in a fairly large box and contained two sizable pieces of chicken, along with a generous serving of  crinkle-cut french fries with cajun spices. The dish was adorned with some pickle slices and a serving of buttered toast at the bottom.

The chicken definitely delivered in terms of flavor and texture. The crispy exterior and moist interior, accompanied by an abundance of flavorful spices like cayenne and paprika, had a nice kick to it, but was not overpowering. The chicken was clearly fresh and very savory. The only downside was how oily the chicken was.

The sides were the complete opposite when it came to flavor. I had high expectations for the truffle mac and cheese, but I was left disappointed. The dish lacked salt or any flavor other than the garlic undertones from the bread crumbs sprinkled on top. Yet, the overall texture was still enjoyable, and the bread crumbs added a nice crunch factor. Hottie’s signature spices, such as paprika and cajun, would have added a kick to the otherwise bland mac and cheese.

The crinkle-cut fries were also tasteless. Although the fries were lightly dusted with cajun, I had to continuously dunk them  in sauce since their flavors were too muted. However, the texture was amazing, as the fries remained crispy throughout my meal and paired along nicely with the house sauce. Overall, they were still moderately enjoyable and were a nice companion to flavorful chicken.

For those who longing for some good chicken,  I would recommend paying Hotties a visit. Despite the lackluster quality of the side dishes, the chicken definitely surpassed my expectations and is worth a try.