Freshmen Remix 2019


Photos by Kristen Sanchez



After a semester of adapting to their first year in high school, Diamond Bar High School freshmen were offered a second chance at joining clubs and other extracurricular activities. On Jan. 24 during fourth period, DBHS Link Crew hosted their annual Freshmen Remix event.

“The structure of [last year’s Freshmen Remix] was similar to a rally,” Link Crew president Jenna Wong said via Messenger. “[The officers] agreed that we shouldn’t structure it that way and just have Freshmen Remix purely of performances and clubs without the rally-like transitions between parts.”

Although the event was not structured like typical rallies, the freshmen were still engaged in the presentations as they cheered for the performance by Dance Company, a number from the upcoming spring musical “James and the Giant Peach” presented by DBHS theater, and other performances from Marquis, Drumline and Commercial Music.

The event also included introductions from various clubs. Organizations set up booths across the gym and provided information, candy and other incentives to attract new members.

The clubs ranged from environmental-based to career-orientated, giving freshmen the opportunity to try new things. Some clubs at Freshmen Remix included Key Club, Marine Conservation Society, Planet Arboretum, National Honors Society, Operation Smile and ESports.