Freshmen elect their class officers

Decorating the halls with colorful posters and witty slogans, Diamond Bar High School freshmen showed off their creativity during the class of 2023 officer elections. 

The results were announced last week, with Michelle Chan elected as class president, Jeffrey Wang as vice president, Ashley Shin as secretary, Brandon Kim as historian and Kaitlin Chow as social chairperson.

Chan said she ran in order to help provide a voice for her class and make their first year in high school a memorable experience. As president, she wants to assist the USB in activities like rallies and class dances.

“I’ve always been someone who wants to be in leadership positions and to step up and go for the extra mile,” Chan said. “I really want to be able to represent my class and let them have a great year.”

For his campaign, Wang stole students’ attention with a social media-focused campaign that included a parody music video parody he posted on Instagram and Snapchat.

“I thought that through social media, I could reach out to more people [and] rather than having as much campaigning at school, I tried targeting more [people] on Instagram and Snapchat,” he said via Instagram.

Aiming to achieve more class unity and help her class find their voice, Shin said she looks forward to spreading more positivity and new ideas for the school through her role as secretary. 

“I want everyone to know that they can always come to me,” she said via Instagram. “It will definitely be projected.”  

Kim’s main focus as class historian is to capture key moments of the school year for the freshmen through photos and videos. He also hopes to collaborate with his fellow officers to make their year as memorable as possible.

“I am most looking forward to seeing the mark we can make on this school,” Kim said via Instagram. “I feel like we can all work together to make this school year really exciting.”

Enthusiastic about her new position as social chairperson, which allows her to assist in planning class events, Chow shared what she hopes to achieve with her role.

“One of my biggest goals for our class is to encourage a community where we aren’t afraid to participate and get involved, whether it’s letting someone take our picture for the [year]book, join[ing] the school clubs or talking with more people,” she said via Instagram.