French Fry Showdown

As far as side dishes go, french fries are a popular go-to item. Though many have fast food chain fry favorites, here are some lesser known specialty fries that we think give fast food chains a run for their money.

Downtown Los Angeles is filled with countless Mexican food establishments and this authentic restaurant is bit of a hidden gem. Though the guacamole on this order reminded me of a bucket of Nickelodeon green slime, I can definitely say that these fries taste way better than they look. The thick chili verde guacamole sauce was smooth and tasty on top of the slightly crisp but thick fries. Though spicier than I expected, it was not unbearable and went perfectly with the horchata drink I got with it. The order of the $4.50 guacamole fries was surprisingly not heavy and can be shared with a friend, though I easily could have finished the entire plate by myself.


This order of fries served more as a meal than a snack or side dish— and rightfully so since they were the most expensive fries. At $10.95, the fries had serving portions large enough to feed two people. This clean restaurant right outside of Harkins Theatres proved great for satisfying both french fry and Mexican food cravings at once. The thin crispy fries were delicious and it was obvious this french fry dish had the highest quality ingredients with delightfully smelling cheddar cheese, fresh guacamole, tasty sour cream and tender meat. Surprisingly, they were still good as reheated leftovers which is a really big accomplishment as far as french fries go.

The chicken and waffles restaurant in the Shoppes at Chino Hills is a trendy little eatery with reasonably priced food— having their popular specialty fries at $7.95, serving the perfect amount for two. These fries won for best presentation with its drizzled sour cream and sprinkled chives over golden waffle cut beauties. However, the Irish Nachos tasted mediocre to me. The cheese sauce had a similar look and consistency of In-N- Out spread only not nearly as delectable. The applewood bacon was skimped out on. Though tasty on its own,  it was ruined when mixed with the odd cheese sauce and I found myself eating the untouched fries on the plate instead.


This small mom-and-pop joint on the edge of Rowland Heights sells its fries at the most reasonable price of all the places I visited. While you cannot beat the price of $5.95 for the enormous serving portions, which is large enough for four people, these fries were  still my least favorite of the bunch. The chili was flavorless, and the bland sauce tasted more like a bean dip To make matters worse, the cheese could not save the flat taste of the chili, as the cheese shavings did not look or taste appetizing at all. Though the plate of fries smelled delicious at first, the lack of flavor was extremely disappointing, and the thick cut fries were limp and soggy, missing that special crisp.