Fall dance concert brings audience back in time

With striking choreography and catchy throwback songs, the Diamond Bar Dance Department’s Fall Concert was memorable and impressive. The recital, titled “Generations,” only featured tracks from before 2010, revisiting popular bops and slow songs of the past.
Starting off the night was “90’s Baby,” set to a mixtape containing top R&B and hip hop songs from the 1990s. It was among the highlights of the night due to energetic choreography, clean synchronization and variety of grooves and dynamics. With dancers from the Dance Company’s All Male and All Female teams, the piece showcased Diamond Bar’s hip hop talents.
Other top hip hop pieces from the night included “Class Is In Session,” “Attention” and “Cash Society.” I especially liked the ending for “Cash Society,” in which sophomore Aryan Nandwani performed a hard-hitting solo. The choreography for “Attention,” set to Destiny Child’s “Say My Name,” also stood out due to its musicality and intensity.
Only two solos were performed during the concert: “Landslide” by senior Caitlyn Raymundo and “The Only One” by senior Melody Rong. Both dancers showed incredible contemporary technique and fluidity in their movements. Raymundo’s solo in particular portrayed more raw emotion than any other piece that night. In addition to solos, a duet by junior Ryan Pak and freshman Timito Sanedrin called “Seven Seas” was showcased. Choreographed to “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Eurythmics, the piece was a staggering display of hip hop skill and finesse. Incorporating isolations, popping and krumping, both dancers proved their body control and versatility with the fast-paced, detailed choreography.
The concert also featured talent from the Intermediate and Advanced Ensembles. One of my favorites was “Stuntin,” which stood out for the piece’s confident attitude. Performed to Fergie’s “London Bridge,” the dance embodied the song’s sensual style.
Also standing out from the Advanced and Intermediate Ensembles were the contemporary dances “Release” and “Alone.” Both featured clean formations and graceful movements that really suited the songs. “Alone” was depicted intense emotion through its storytelling in the choreography. Additionally, “Got You,” performed by Dance Company members, was also a strong piece. Set to Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You,” the dance had innovative choreography and showcased the dancer’s skilled technique.
My favorite piece of the night was “Queens,” choreographed by juniors Shulamite Yang and Ava Kayahara. Set to a medley of Queen’s biggest hits, the piece had comedy and energy. Dancers lip-synced to song lyrics in overly dramatic fashions, while the choreography’s strong musicality took advantage of Queen’s unique musical style.
Overall, I really enjoyed the concert thanks to the talented dancers and strong choreography was thoroughly entertained throughout the night.