E-Board elections decided

Starting in January, a new executive board will begin their one-year term as the leaders of Diamond Bar High School’s USB. In voting by last month, students selected  Brian Jin as president, Clarissa Ta as vice president, Cameron Tsao as secretary, Katie Kim as finance director, Chloe Chung as IOC chairman and Justin Tsai as speaker of the house. All of those selected are juniors except sophomore Tsai.

“I decided to run for E-Board because joining [USB] was probably the best decision of my life, and it really brought out and showed me my passion for leading the school,” Tsai said via Instagram.

He was also influenced by last year’s Speaker of the House Gabriel Martinez to run for the position. When Tsai first joined, Martinez helped show him the ropes by guiding him in USB’s procedures and expectations.

“I want to follow in his steps to accomplish and improve on what he has already done,” Tsai said.

One thing he wants to improve is increasing the amount of communication among classrooms, teachers and students. He also wants to try to keep everybody up to date with school events.

Although it is common for E-Board candidates to give out knick-knacks, President-elect Jin won the election without any giveaways. Instead, he created six posters and two videos, working on them from summer until campaign week with friends.

Another campaign strategy that was utilized this year was connecting themes with candidates. For example, soon-to-be ICO Chairman Chung decided to go with a flower theme, so she created backpack tags and passed out scrunchies and flower pens.