Cheer coach suddenly leaves

Diamond Bar High School’s cheer team has high hopes for the rest of its season, despite the recent resignation of the team’s coach to pursue a career as a police officer. 

Coach Nikki Mansfield was hired at the beginning of this cheer season. Her decision to leave was a shock, according to many girls on the team. 

Cheer advisor Christian Calero said he is excited about the future of the team and looks forward to seeing  what the girls are going to learn through the rest of the season.

“I’ve been most impressed with their bulldoggedness,” he said. “Every team goes through ups and downs and struggles, every team does, every class does, every relationship, every family does. I’ve been so proud of our athletes, their resiliency and their grit that they have shown.” 

With competition season right around the corner, Calero said the girls have begun  training to prepare for a successful season.

He said the team has invited Chantel Lopez, who runs the Envious Athletics gym in Pomona, to choreograph cheers routines.

“She’s been in the cheer game forever, and is a well respected and highly thought of choreographer. For her to work with us is great,” he said.  

With a new choreographer and the positive attitude of the team, the adviser has high hopes for cheer this season.

“Especially in a group of young people, to sort of have a drive where they’re not satisfied in a good way, there’s always a hunger for more,” Calero said.