Cadet in training

Police trainee Atuna, left, wears her Class A uniform during a ceremony

Photo courtesy of Jasmine Atuna

Police trainee Atuna, left, wears her Class A uniform during a ceremony

After learning police codes and how to apprehend a suspect, DBHS senior Jasmine Antuna has found her calling.

At a young age, she was surrounded by family members who were police officers. After talking to her father about following his career path, she learned about a police academy sponsored by the Chino Police Department.

“I want to become a police officer because I want to help the community and also the job is something I have always wanted ever since I was little,” Antuna said, “My father is my main reason of why I am doing this, to make him happy and proud.”

During the summer, she spent her days learning how to detain a suspect along with learning  over 175 codes and many self-defense techniques.

“To be an explorer, you have to be honest, have integrity, accountability, dedication, professionalism, teamwork, and respect,” Antuna said. “I try my best to live by them.”

A typical day at her academy at the Chino facility would involve waking up at 4 in the morning and arriving at the deck by 5:30 a.m. to start the day’s activities. Beginning her morning with a two-mile run, she would have classes or physical training until noon.

One memorable experience that Antuna said brought her team, which included other 14 to 18 year olds, closer was the time they were pepper sprayed. The advisers wanted to teach the students how to handle a situation when the suspect or policeman is pepper sprayed. She and her team had to work together to solve the problem, which involved flushing your eyes with water and letting it pass.

“I love working with my partner and creating good memories working together to achieve good things,” Antuna said.  

        While doing all the physical training and activities, her academy required for her to wear three different uniforms for certain occasions. She would wear her professional attire, Class A, during ceremonies and memorials, and Class B, which consists of a polo shirt, for daily activities. She also has a workout uniform for her physical training activities.

Following the academy, she found out about the Explorers Program through her father offered by the same academy. She is currently enrolled in the program and attends every Tuesday year round.
I would love to become a deputy of Los Angeles Police Department,” Antuna said, “I applied for a cadet position and if I get in, I would like to stay at the academy I am right now.”