Boys soccer ready for turning point season

With more dynamic chemistry and a deeper bench, the Brahmas are ready to improve.

After a disappointing 5-4-1  finish to last season, boys soccer has hopes  that they are in an optimal position to do well this season.

“There’s a lot more synergy this year because a lot of the players…all played together before,” senior Ricky Kuo said.

According to the players, this season will be a turning point due to the improved teamwork that they have been working on. They are also trying to utilize more soccer strategies and techniques, along with having a better mindset.

“It’s going to be more strategic for sure, like we’re going to pass more than we usually do,” senior Abdul Abboushi said. “Last year, we kind of messed around a lot; this year, everyone seems way more focused.”

Despite their unwavering confidence, the Brahmas suffered back-to-back  shutout losses in their first two  preseason games against Brea Olinda, 3-0. and Walnut, 2-0.

They proceeded to bounce back by winning 2-1 against Hawthorne High School.

 According to Abboushi, the team will have a lot of depth on the bench this year, meaning that the substitute and reserve players will be similar in skill and strength compared to the starters,

“A lot of the incoming varsity players have more talent than they did last year,” Abboushi said. “We will probably have two or three guys for every position, maybe not defense, but two or three guys in each spot like offensively who could actually help us move forward and act as good backup.”

There have also been changes in soccer coaches this year with the hiring on new head coach Pete Orsoco. He replaced longtime head coach Kemp Wells who will be coaching junior varsity this year.  In addition, the junior varsity coach from last year, Bryce Fidel, has been moved up to the position of assistant coach.

“I think Coach Pete definitely brings a better energy towards the team,” junior AJ Mcelrea said. “He [is] really smart and organized.”

They start off each practice with a two-mile run as well as many core exercises.

The team’s main goal is to try to make it as far as possible in CIF. They believe that they are as prepared as they can be to win this year.

“This is a true team, there’s nothing to play around with,” Abboushi said. “We’re winning this year.”