Boys face rivals in the first round of CIF

GOLF As league champions, the Brahmas prepare another run at Mountain Meadows.

After losing eight matches to the recent wet weather, the Diamond Bar High School varsity boys golf team finished their season with a win against Montclair, marking the 10th year in a row of undefeated league play. The team begins  the first round of CIF tomorrow.

Averaging a score of 198 per match, the team has been sweeping its competition while every other school in the Mt. Baldy League has scored around the 300 mark. Key players contributing greatly to these scores includes this year’s top golfer and senior captain Sam Cho and junior captain Leo Lu who was last year’s MVP.         “Freshman, David Cho has also been a medalist in two of the last three matches and has really lifted the team this year,” head coach Tony McCabe said.

McCabe has expressed confidence in the team for the first round of CIFs.

The only team that gave Diamond Bar golf a run for its money was Walnut in a non-league match on April 3. Though the loss on Walnut’s home course did not affect their 8-0 win streak in league play, the Brahmas will have to face the Mustangs again at the CIF Western Divisionals.

“Golf is funny,” McCabe said. “The biggest home advantage you can have in any sport is golf. Knowing the greens, knowing the wind, there’s so many things that affect because every hole is different at all these different courses…it’s almost not fair.”

McCabe feels that playing someone at home should cost a team at least 10 strokes; the boys lost by 11 in their close match with Walnut.

“We are not the favorites to win CIF and have an outside chance. Walnut and Arcadia are the teams to beat in the CIF division,” McCabe said.

The CIF match against Walnut has already been set to be played at Walnut’s home course. In order to neutralize this gap between Walnut and Diamond Bar, McCabe plans to have the boys play their course, Mountain Meadows, as often as possible.

“We are excited because we are close and there are some things we can do to make up that difference and that’s our goal since we have won league, we are looking to take top two in CIF,” McCabe said.

McCabe said that the team has a fighting chance to win against Walnut and Arcadia and expressed faith in his players, who have been busy practicing individually and attending outside tournaments.

“It takes a lot time and money and support to be good at golf and they [the players] are all very responsible,” McCabe said.