An All-star rewind: a mix of new and old

Every year, people from all over the world flock to watch one of the biggest U.S. sports events of the year: the NBA All-Star Game. This event features some of the most talented players in the league as voted by the fans, media and players themselves.

In the 68th NBA All-Star Game, several recognized greats such as Lebron James (2.8 million votes) and Stephen Curry (2.1 million) have secured their spot on a roster as the top players in the league.

However, a young blood and a familiar face have also earned an appearance: up-and-coming European rookie Luka Doncic (2.2 million) and veteran Derrick Rose (2 million).

Dallas Mavericks’ Doncic has already proved that he is a remarkable talent, having taken the league by storm, averaging 19.8 points, 6.7 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game.

Not only has he been able to create shots with his unique step back, but he also has the vision of a proper point guard. Doncic has been surrounded by the media, and some even believe he is on par with future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki. Though still a rookie, he is sure to spark some highlights in the All-Star Game.

  On the other hand, Rose has resurrected his declining career with hard work, moving from a second-rate player to a key sixth man for the Minnesota Timberwolves. In the last three years, he increased his game point average from a single digit to averaging nearly 20 points per game.

Also, his passing is back to peak level, averaging around five assists per game. The 30-year-old has found his flow again, and it will be nostalgic to watch D. Rose back on the All-star court again.

These players deserve a chance in the spotlight because of their phenomenal performances over the season, but some rankings for other players are unreasonable.

Despite playing in a couple games this season, Demarcus Cousins ranks  tenth in voting in the Western Conference for the backcourt. Since he was a powerhouse of a center last year, many fans want to see him play again.

However, this placement takes away from those who have improved their game and shown their skills this year.

For example, Serge Ibaka has changed the game by being a defensive monster and small-ball center who can take the three. Not only has Ibaka been hidden from the spotlight, but there also are many other players that are not given enough appreciation.

Although there will be a couple players who aren’t “All-Star” material making it to the roster this year, the game, on Feb. 17, will no doubt be as exciting as ever.