Tasty Halloween treats

Most celebrated holidays have specific food items associated with it. Christmas is known for peppermint candies and chestnuts, while Thanksgiving is known for ham, turkey and yams. Halloween, on the other hand, is a sweet tooth lover’s favorite time of the year due to the sugary treats that are offered around this time. 

Caramel Apples

One of the most iconic treats offered during this time, caramel apples are usually green apples coated in a thick, sticky layer of sweet caramel. On the fancier side, some carmel apples also come with different types of nuts stuck to the outside of the caramel. Although this seasonal item is specifically popular around this time of the year, most people would agree that at anytime of the year they could enjoy a good caramel apple. 

Candy Corn

This is a staple trick or treating candy that people pass out when kids come knocking on their front door the night of Halloween. The little triangular orange, yellow and white candies have been around for many years and have a distinct sweet buttery taste to them. Candy Corn is an acquired taste for many people; you either hate it or love it. Not only is the taste of candy corn unique, its texture is odd, yet distinctive. It’s easy to tell that it’s Halloween season when candy corn is being sold.

Apple Cider

This season, the main drink people rave about are the pumpkin spice lattes, forgetting that the real drink to get you in the fall mood is a nice warm cup of apple cider. As the temperature starts to drop, warm apple cider is the perfect sweet, cinnamony, drink to sip on. Whereas pumpkin spice lattes are difficult to make in the comfort of your home, there are many apple cider recipes that can be found online, and are easy to make beside your family and friends.