Walking in principal’s shoes

Reuben Jones describes what a typical day on campus looks like for him.

Most students at Diamond Bar High School recognize the name Reuben Jones as that of their principal. However, few are familiar with what he does behind the scenes. Although his main tasks include attending meetings and overseeing administration on campus, Jones does much more.

“That’s the job… it’s relationships, it’s talking to people… connecting with people and kind of being the face of Diamond Bar High,” Jones said in an interview.

No two days are the same for Jones. One day could be spent in his office and around campus; the next he could be at an off-campus meeting.

Aside from the meetings and work, Jones also takes time to relax. Two pastimes he particularly enjoys are listening to music and playing chess.

“I have a chess board that, if there’s any student who likes to play chess, I’ll gladly play a game of chess. That’s definitely a relaxing thing for me,” Jones said.