Valentine’s Day: Date spots

Erin Li, Tiffany Lee, and Emily Koh


Painting your own pottery with your date will not only alleviate stress, but is also a great bonding experience. At Color Me Mine, each painting session is $10, not including prices for individual ceramic pieces, and can last for as many hours as you need. The private, casual sessions will allow you to bond with your date comfortably while painting, with or without artistic skill.




Although the drive is a little long, Huntington Library, located in San Marino, is worth every minute of the car ride. If you and your date love art and nature, Huntington Library will be a great place to visit. Unlike traditional libraries, no reading is involved, but instead, an outdoor venue full of exotic plants from around the world and historic art collections located in the nearby galleries is on display. Entry is $25 for each person.



The Anaheim Packing District is a perfect place to taste a variety of foods, take aesthetic pictures, and spend time as a couple. The Packing District is an open venue filled with bench swings, multi-colored couches and rocking chairs; stores include a popsicle bar offering customizable treats and a dessert shop offering drinks in light bulbs. Outside, there are quiet spots to sit for one-on-one time. Additionally, after filling up your stomachs with delicious foods and drinks, travel down to the nearby skating rink, Anaheim Ice, which is within walking distance.