The new rep for DBHS


Austin Hyun is this year’s USB attorney general to the district.

Amy Miyahara, Asst. A&E Editor

While many Diamond Bar High School students are oblivious to even the most important campus events, the attorney general tries to connect students to the school district and the various events that affect them.

This year, junior Austin Hyun will take over the position of attorney general from junior and current USB secretary Abigail Nakaishi.

“Being attorney general was a really unique experience. I got to work with the staff and represent DBHS to the school district. I learned a lot about what the district does for us, and this position opened up so many opportunities for me,” Nakaishi said via Facebook.

As attorney general, Hyun is required to attend WVUSD district board meetings each month to report on DBHS and pass along any information about school activities and accomplishments from the report that the school deans and principal give to him.

“It is my job as attorney general to present Diamond Bar [High School] in the most positive way possible, showcasing all our events and any accomplishments that our students or teachers have,” Hyun said.

Hyun was able to get the position through the general USB interview process, in which he listed attorney general as his first choice.

He has previously worked as the USB academics commissioner in 2016, planning events such as Top Ten and Renaissance giveaways, and E-board finance director in 2017.

Hyun said that he hopes his position as attorney general will allow him to talk to more people in power and develop his skills in presenting professionally.

“Even as academic and finance director, I wasn’t really able to talk to teachers as much as I wanted to. Even though finance director is an E-board position, it’s a specialized job,” he said. “For finance director, I wasn’t able to talk to a lot of adults, and that’s what I want to do with attorney general.”

Hyun attended his first board meeting last Wednesday. Although he said that the first meeting was nerve racking, it was exciting to represent DBHS. In the future, Hyun wants to make sure to keep students informed on important district information and policies.

“There’s a lot of formal policies that are being introduced into these meetings, and yet a lot of the students don’t really know about it. [The attorney general’s] job is to communicate these events to the school, and I felt like this hasn’t been happening as much,” he said. “I want to be able to be a mediator between school and the district board.”