TEDx Talks return for second year

This year’s speeches in the school theater feature subjects such as gender, smoking, social media.

The Wellness Center’s TED-inspired talks are taking to the Diamond Bar High School stage once again after last year’s teacher attendees were in total  agreement that the event should continue.

“I believe the event was so successful because the student speakers were so passionate about their topics and prepared so well,” Wellness Center coordinator Sandy Davis said via email.

Approximately 80 students auditioned and 18 were selected to express their personal message on mental wellness.

A few of the topics that will be presented at the event include gender fluidity, gender equality, jealousy, biracial identity, social media and its effects on creativity, smoking/vaping and the stigmas of suicide.

“The topics are really organic for each person,” Instructional Dean  Julie Galindo said. “We want the subject matter to be as personal as possible so that way the students’ excitement, knowledge and passion transcends into their speech.”

Though Davis ultimately had the final say in who is selected, Wellness Center advisers Daniel Roubian and Galindo expressed that their criteria for choosing speakers mainly depended on the student’s ability to speak publicly and express ideas clearly while giving an overall good and thoughtful narrative.

Much of their focus, however, was spent on making sure there would be a variety of subjects covered.

“Watching [TEDx] talks last year was really inspiring,” said senior Tristen Baca, who will be speaking on her topic titled “Invalidation.” “What motivated me to do a [TEDx] Talk was seeing my friend have the courage to present her truth and I want to do the same with a topic I am passionate about.”

The wellness-inspired Ted Talks are not affiliated with the TedxDiamondBar club on campus.

The Wellness Center’s event focuses on mental health and student speakers, whereas the student-led club holds an official TEDx license to host an annual event off-campus that seeks out more community speakers rather than all  student participants.

The Wellness TEDx Talks will take place on Nov. 28 in the theater from periods 1 to 6.

Classes will attend on a first-come-first-serve basis after teachers sign up on the Google Spreadsheet that will be released before Thanksgiving break.

The Wellness Center is also looking into organizing a night performance for the DBHS parents and students who were not able to attend the Talks held during that school day.