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Socially Satirical: My very own YouTube channel

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Socially Satirical: My very own YouTube channel

Sarah Seif

Sarah Seif

Sarah Seif

Amelie Lee, Asst. Feature Editor

To the internet community:

With the buzz of attention my content has been receiving lately, I just wanted to send a letter of appreciation to all my devoted fans out there.

This week, I’ve hit almost 70 views on my quickly growing YouTube Channel, and gained ten followers on my third Instagram page. While the attention is a bit overwhelming at times, I have confidence that I will be able to handle it as my follower count continues to rise.

I’m also happy to announce that along with my gaming channel, musical Instagram page and Snapchat makeup tutorials, I will also be releasing vlog-style videos where I discuss my daily life and opinions. During my 15 years of existence, I think I have gained more than enough perspective on the world to publicize my every thought on subjects ranging from cosmetics, musical instruments and internet gaming to world politics.

I am confident that my voice will be able to spread far and wide, changing the world for the better, and I am certain that the internet world is fascinated with the ins and outs of my one of a kind high school life.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if within the next couple of weeks, my content will gain traction and reach the eyes of millions. Out of the billions of available music, skit and vlog videos on the internet, I feel as if my videos can really benefit those looking for something meaningful and unique.

What I have to offer as a teenage student is far more valuable than people who have been producing videos for decades, and I’m sure the internet audience will jump on the opportunity to see the quality productions I create using my complex video editor, iMovie.

Over my teenage life, I’ve gained skills that I truly believe people are just longing to see. My parents and close friends have told me that my undeniable talent with music and makeup has to spread to the world, and the three comments on my latest Instagram post have aiding me in realizing that I will be able to stand out and make a difference amongst the wide expanse of the internet.

I hope that as I continue to rise in popularity, my current fans will support me through my path to stardom. I promise not to let the fame change me, and hope to see familiar faces at Vidcon soon.

For my new viewers who want to stay caught up with me, I’ve created a spreadsheet to keep track of my Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Facebook Page, Musically and Twitter, as well as all my private accounts.

My information is in the description below as always, and please make sure to comment, rate and subscribe!



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