Showcasing the STEM and arts

Christina Liu, Staff Writer

Students across the Walnut Valley Unified School District will be showcasing their passions in STEM and arts programs this Saturday in the Walnut High School multipurpose room.

This idea was born out of a collaboration between Diamond Bar High School Instructional Dean Gabriel Aguilar, who wanted to host a technology fair, and WHS performing arts director Corey Wix and staff member Leslie Schroerlucke, who wanted to showcase performing arts.

“This event gives our students an opportunity to show the community what you are learning and what you are excited about learning,” Aguilar said. “It shows students who are taking these classes and are passionate about it and how they use that technology outside of an instructional day—it gives them a platform to say, ‘This is why I’m excited about it.’”

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. the performing arts groups from elementary, middle and high school will be performing. From 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. there will be a technology showcase featuring Diamond Bar High School’s robotics team, DBHS 3D Printing club, DBHS Code Club, and WHS Cyber Security Club.  

“We are getting tools from every industry and showing that 3D printing can replicate it,” 3D Printing president Max Gu said.

At the showcase, the robotics team will have robots out for attendees to drive and will also talk to students to see if they would be interested in joining or starting a robotics team. The 3D printing club will be demonstrating how 3D printing is applicable to each industry, and will also be distributing 3D-printed bubble wands.

“An important part of robotics is reaching out to the community, especially in spreading STEM outreach and education so we just want to inspire the community by showing what robotics is all about and what we actually do,” robotics president Tanya Yang said.

The DBHS Code Club and WHS Cyber Security Club plan to hold a hackathon with each other, and have coding workshops taking place during the competition. South Pointe Middle School and Chaparral Middle School will also be showcasing their robotics teams and music groups.

“This event is a platform for the students to be able to shine and show what they are interested in with people and hopefully find and inspire other people that are interested,” Aguilar said.