Restaurant Review: Cityplus Coffee

Kate Zheng, Feature Editor











If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing cafe where you can study or chat with friends, then Cityplus Coffee is perfect for you.

I arrived at the Diamond Bar restaurant around 1 p.m. and was surprised to see most of the tables occupied.  I quickly took in the stylish and modern interior design of the cafe. The simple dark shade of the grey walls contrasted well with the huge colorful art pieces hung up around the place, giving the shop splashes of color and liveliness. There was a relaxing piano soundtrack playing in the cafe, giving the store a very peaceful ambiance, making it the perfect place for a quick study session or lunch date.

Although the cafe was fairly new when I visited, it already had a wide variety of items on its menu, ranging from simple lattes to sweet or savory crepes. Fortunately, when the owner saw me hesitating on what to order, he patiently explained the menu and also recommended some of the most popular items.

I was thankful for the help and great service and ended up ordering a warm honey latte for $4.50, a ham and cheese crepe for $5.50, a strawberry delight crepe for $5.95, and a matcha affogato for $5.00.

I quickly found a table; my honey latte was ready within a few minutes. The latte had a pretty floral design on the foam of the coffee. I took a sip and immediately tasted the sweet flavor of the honey. The sweet flavor of honey was a great addition to the rich and creamy taste of the latte, and the warm drink definitely lived up to my expectations.

A few minutes later, the server delivered my ham and cheese crepe, which included spicy mayo drizzled all over the top of the crepe. The mayo added a nice kick of spice to the dish, which really enhanced the flavor of the ham. The buttery cheese also paired well with the ham and crepe.

After I finished my savory crepe, my sweet strawberry delight was ready. The strawberry delight included whipped cream and strawberries inside the crepe, a beautiful chocolate drizzle outside of the crepe and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. This was definitely my favorite crepe dish out of the two. The combination of the fluffy whipped cream and juicy, tart strawberries did not disappoint. The dark chocolate syrup also complimented the dish and balanced out the sweetness of the dish so that it was not overpowering.

My matcha affogato, which was a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a matcha shot, came last. I was really excited to try this dish because it was something I never drank before, but it didn’t live up to  my high expectations. The sweet flavors of the vanilla ice cream overpowered the taste of the matcha shot, which made the matcha flavors too dull.

Overall, I was impressed by the cafe’s high quality coffee and crepes and the store’s low prices. The restaurant was also extremely clean and the waiters were very kind and patient, so I definitely plan to come back to Cityplus Coffee soon.