Pizza Showdown

The days of arguing with friends on what pizza toppings to add are now over. With the new trend of creating your own pizza, you now have the ability to put what you want on your pizza without the dreaded arguments.

#1 MOD

1552 S. Azusa Ave b, City of Industry

The newest chain in the create-your-own-pizza style restaurants is MOD Pizza. The interior of the restaurant had a modern vibe and was well lit and fairly clean. Pictures of previous customers filled the walls inside the building. While they offer signature pizzas with preset toppings ranging from $8 to $12, I created my own 11-inch pizza with pepperoni, spicy chicken, spinach, cilantro and oregano for $8.47. The pizza didn’t take long to fire, and we ended up getting our pizza within three minutes. I was extremely impressed with the perfect balance of the ingredients’ flavors. Overall, the restaurant  more than exceeded my expectations, and I would definitely go back when I am in the mood for some more pizza.


103 W Imperial Hwy, Brea

Blaze offers a wide selection of unconventional toppings, including  meatballs, jalapenos, garlic and saute onions. I ended up creating a pizza with classic red sauce, shredded mozzarella, Italian sausage, spinach, pepperoni, cilantro and oregano for $9.47. While Blaze claims to bake the pizza in three minutes or less,  my pizza was in the oven for around seven minutes. The interior of the restaurant has an industrial vibe with open air ducts and exposed beams. The lighting is pretty dim creating a sophisticated ambiance. Despite the longer wait time, the pizza was delicious. The ingredients tasted fresh and the flavors came together perfectly. The size of the pizza was perfect to share with a friend and the price was average ($9.47) for a customizable pizza. What is cool about Blaze is the fact that you can get as many toppings as you want for the standard $9.47 price. Overall, I would recommend Blaze Pizza over Pieology to anyone who is looking for a good customizable pizza.


505 N Grand Ave E, Walnut

Pieology is a popular pizza option among students and is known for its wide range of fresh toppings including pesto sauce, all-natural chicken, and a new cauliflower crust. Pieology provides outside seating along with exceptional cleanliness. The restaurant offers chef-created pizzas that are around $6 to $8. But I ordered my own creation of a tomato sauce, spicy sausage, gorgonzola and mozzarella pizza with $1 extra pie rise crust for $9.49 including no limitations on toppings.  My order arrived within five minutes, but  I wasn’t pleased with the quality of the pizza:  The crust was burnt, the toppings were bland and the spicy sausage was mild at best.  The Pieology pizza lacked flavor in its  toppings and ingredients and the quality of the crust left me unimpressed. The crust was too dry, and the ingredients didn’t seem to have close to any seasoning, and each slice was too greasy to hold cheese.