Now Showing: Ralph Breaks the Internet

After six years, Walt Disney Animations has finally brought Wreck-It Ralph and Princess Vanellope back to the screen, while introducing an abundance of new characters, in “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”

The two characters from arcade games will be venturing out into the Internet, away from the safe haven of the games in “Wreck it Ralph.”  Their six-year long friendship will be put to the test once they are transported to the net, in hopes of fixing Vanellope’s broken arcade machine.

Escaping the confines of the arcade through the Wifi, Ralph (John C. Reilly)  and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) head toward the internet in search of a replacement steering wheel for Vanellope’s game. Their journey leads them through many corners of the internet, such as a dangerous game called Slaughter Race, the video platform BuzzTube and the search bar.

The movie felt extremely fresh due to the way it presented the internet as a city. Buildings and towers represented different apps and websites, while users were represented as citizens.

Another thing I especially enjoyed about the movie was the music. The lively and cheerful music perfectly matches the overall mood of the film. There were also several catchy songs that made the movie feel more like a musical. In one scene,  Vanellope discusses her dreams with the Disney Princesses and then breaks into a classic Disney Princess-like song with catchy phrases and rhymes filled with all her hopes and aspirations.

I enjoyed this movie far more than the the first one, since it felt like the main characters had more of a purpose in this movie. All Ralph wanted in the first installment was to become a “good guy,” while Vanellope wanted to drive a race car. In comparison, their goals in “Ralph Breaks the Internet” are much more complex. Vanellope wants to continue to explore her interests, this time with her new friend Shank (Gal Gadot). But doesn’t know how to break the news to Ralph.  Ralph knows that his friend wants to leave and he tries to stop her, using methods no true friend would use.

This movie also seems to have more meaning and connection to the real world than the first picture. It shows how things on the internet can hurt people, such as the comments section on BuzzTube. In addition, Ralph’s main problem is closer  to real life than being a video-game villain. The movie also showcased more dramatic and emotional moments, which helped emphasize the characters’ feelings and create a more somber mood.

Overall,  “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is an definite success and improvement from the original movie. The plot flows well and transitioned smoothly from comedic to emotional moments. The characters also develop throughout the movie, learning lessons about friendship and moving on.