Now Showing: A Simple Favor

The new thriller “A Simple Favor” tackles a more complicated plot than its title might suggest. The movie provides an adventurous and mysterious storyline, made real by convincing acting and its setting.

The movie opens with a vlog made by the protagonist, Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), in which she describes how her best friend, Emily (Blake Lively), has been missing for two weeks.

While Emily is portrayed as a rich, crude  business woman, Stephanie is a single, dedicated mom who runs a cooking vlog. The movie does well in contrasting both characters, both through the acting of Kendrick and Lively, and the setting of their lives.

The plot picks up when Emily calls Stephanie and asks her to watch over her son. Stephanie realizes something is wrong when Emily does not return at night to pick him up. When investigating into Emily’s activities and workplace to find out her location, Stephanie comes to realize that her best friend is not who she says she is.

The  performances are memorable.  Kendrick portrays Stephanie as a dedicated mother, excited and preppy when preparing for her son’s parties and class activities. Her stern, prude and caring demeanor provides a stark contrast to the dark and mysterious Emily.

The plot of the movie is very intricate, as it delves into Emily’s dark past. I was skeptical of everything that happened, and the movie drops clues foreshadowing what was to come.

The visuals of the Paul Feig-directed movie (he also directed the hit “Bridesmaids”) were also well thought out, and helped to depict the characters attitudes. Stephanie’s home is seen to be cozy, filled with vintage tea sets and furniture. Meanwhile, Emily’s surroundings are  much more extravagant, with a rich and luxurious home. Their style of housing and clothing shows the attention to detail put into creating contrasting characters.

Overall, the movie is a great thriller with its edge-of-the-seat moments and surprising twists and turns. Each scene allows the audience to question what will happen next yet avoids the usual cliche plotline, leaving moviegoers surprised and wanting more.