New representatives and policies for California residents

Angela Yang, News Editor

Amid the usual catalog of new measures and legislators, the recall of California Sen. Josh Newman is scheduled to be on the June 5 ballot as well.

Elected in 2016, Newman has not yet served a third of his term. However, a petition to put the recall of the Democratic senator up for a vote in this summer’s direct primaries gained over 70,000 signatures after he voted in favor of a $52 billion transportation package last year.

Once implemented, this plan elevated gas taxes to an extent higher than California has ever seen, according to a statement by Assemblyman Vince Fong to the Los Angeles Times. Car owners are now also subject to a higher yearly fee depending on the value of their vehicle.

In relation to this enactment, Proposition 69 will appear on the ballot to set aside revenues yielded from the gas tax and vehicle fees exclusively for transportation-related spending.

Also one of the five statewide measures to be voted on is Proposition 68, a bill authorizing $4 billion in funding for parks, environmental protection, water infrastructure and flood protection.

Meanwhile, Proposal 70 would mandate a two-thirds majority vote in the state legislature before putting any revenue from California’s cap-and-trade—or greenhouse gas emissions trading—program to use. If passed, this would take effect in 2024, creating a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Reserve Fund on Jan. 1 of that year.

Measure 71 aims to move the date ballot propositions take effect: from the day after elections to the fifth day after the secretary of state certifies voter results.

Lastly, Proposition 72 would make rainwater capture systems exempt from property tax by no longer counting them as new construction.

While more localized measures will also be on the ballot, none that have been proposed this election should affect Diamond Bar or neighboring residents.

Top candidates for California governor include Democrats Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa.

Currently the state’s lieutenant governor, Newsom is an advocate for diminishing the gender wage gap and imposing background checks for gun ownership. The former San Francisco mayor opposes defunding of Planned Parenthood and believes the government should perpetuate economic growth.

 Two-time former Los Angeles mayor Villaraigosa was recently endorsed for governor by the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times. He supports immigration reform and wants to reduce city spending. In regards to education, Villaraigosa encourages putting police in schools daily as well as creating a more comprehensive assessment of academic performance.