New leadership to take over campus

USB fills 30 commissioner positions for next year's student government team.

The same week most students were busy anticipating their Thanksgiving break plans, dozens of Diamond Bar High School students were also anxiously awaiting their USB admission results.

Out of these applicants, 30 newly recruited USB commissioners were notified of their positions for the upcoming term that starts next semester.

Until then, they will be brainstorming new ideas to help the student government improve campus life.

Sophomore Brian Jin, co-commissioner of spirit, plans to incorporate more school and class spirit by offering more incentives for students who participate.

Jin applied to USB because he wanted to be with individuals who share his goal of promoting the overall energy for their peers.

In the past, Jin said he noticed that most students were more willing to show support for their class than to show school spirit.

“I want to be able to encourage others to have a strong sense of school pride and to be proud of being a Brahma,” Jin said via Facebook Messenger. “Most importantly, I want to be able to get rid of the stigma that you [can be] ‘too cool’ for school spirit.”

Meanwhile, sophomore Emily Garcia, co-commissioner of athletics, looks forward to improving aspects of athletics such as Senior Night, a sport’s last home game for the season  dedicated to the senior players.

Garcia also said she plans to address the insufficient support faced by  certain sports such as tennis or golf.

“A lot of other sports don’t have that support from students on campus, so I definitely want to make sure all athletes get that recognition,” Garcia said via Messenger.

While most members of USB have partners, the attorney general is the sole representation from DBHS during school board meetings with the district.

Junior Ryan Lou decided to apply because he also wished to surround himself with individuals who had similar mindsets as his.

“The opportunity of being a part of like-minded passionate students like myself within the school was very appealing,” Lou said via Messenger.

Lou said he hopes to help students and effect change by representing DBHS at district meetings.

To accomplish this goal, Lou plans on increasing the transparency between the district and the campus to ensure that students’ ideas are reflected in board meetings.