Holiday spirit put to music


Amelie Lee

DBHS Chamber Choir and Diamondtones sing “Hanukkah, Oh Hannukkah.”

To welcome the holiday season, the Diamond Bar High School Choir Department showcased holiday songs during its  annual winter concert last Thursday and Friday.

The concert began with the  upbeat “Step Into Christmas,” performed by all the choirs. As they hit the high notes, they filled the stage as well as the front rows, introducing the audience to their jolly ride of a show.

Junior Taylor Moore and sophomore Rhiannon Tran soon began a memorable performance of “One More Sleep,” originally sung by Leona Lewis in 2014. The performance was exceptional, growing from a solo by Moore to a powerful duet with Tran.

After a polyphonic performance of “Winter Wonderland,” sophomore Aiden Nelson soloed on the heart throbbing “Cold December Night,” with girls pretending to fight over him as he sang. Family classics were then brought to the stage, with Diamondtones singing  “Run, Rudolf, Run,” followed by “All I Want for Christmas” by Solitaire and “Where are You Christmas” by Chamber Choir.

To end the first act, Marquis gave a comical performance of “Hot Chocolate” from the 2004 animated film “The Polar Express.” The concert then shifted to religious  songs  such as “Would You Imagine a King,” sung by senior Kayley Tomaya.

One of the most hard-hitting, emotional performances was the duet of “Heaven Everywhere” sung by sophomores Esther Lim and Chloe Chung. They projected an impressive feeling.

Even though most of the concert focused on Christmas, Chamber Choir and Diamondtones recognized another holiday when dressing in blue and white singing  “Hanukkah, Oh, Hanukkah.” As the second act continued,  senior Maggie Delgado, the DBHS Choir Department president, sang “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve.”

 The concert ended  as the stage turned dark and was then lit by fake candles. All of the choir came together to sing the classic “Silent Night” to end the remarkable concert.