Getting Brahmas Moving

The energy of Diamond Bar High School students, pushed by rigorous academic classes and overachieving classmates, is already stretched thin. With schedules that consists of endless lecturing and work, the day can easily become a drag. That’s where PE classes come in.

Allowing a break from the mental torture, PE forces students out of their seats and makes them exercise something besides the brain.

When the time came to choose my classes for this school year, I asked my counselor if there was any other option for completing my PE credits. However being a freshman, I was left without any other alternatives. Little did I know how beneficial the class would be toward my physical and mental health.

When I was heavily swamped with tests and projects, PE allowed me 50 minutes free of worrying about academics. All that mattered was getting active and having fun.

Even something as tiresome as running miles became relaxing and a time to let go of troubling thoughts. That time allowed my conscience to forget about the stress and imploding realities that would return once I stepped off the track.

At the beginning of this year, a majority of my time was being taken up by academics and extracurriculars that slowly became a burden I felt too weak to carry. However, through the sports they taught, I was reminded of the  value of perseverance and endurance. Much like how one must compete in sports, a student’s daily life pertains to the same ideaovercoming obstacles and outsmarting the competition.

Focusing on the physical aspect of PE, the class promotes students to have a healthier lifestyle. Though some students may participate in activities outside of school that involve exercise, the majority of students spend their whole day sitting. PE classes ensure that students learn of new ways to workout their muscles and keep their blood pumping.

Before being introduced to the activities the class offers, my idea of working out consisted of climbing up the stairs one second faster or doing five pushups on my bed. The reality was that the activities I did benefited my health but not in the long run.

Because of PE classes, I participated in swimming, playing volleyball and walking laps around the gym during the school day. The actions may seem simple but slowly became something I implemented into my daily life.

Being obsessed with only studying and nothing outside of its purview would be stressful on any student. However, with the option of PE classes, students are offered a class period where they can be slightly more relaxed.

Taking the class does not only benefit the fitness aspect of a student’s lifestyle, but refocus their mind and teaches them valuable life lessons that can be used in future endeavours.  Since high school is filled with meeting deadlines and fulfilling everyone’s expectation, PE classes allow one period out of the day to concentrate on personal needs.