FBLA students impress at states

Camille McCurry, Staff Writer

        The efforts of Diamond Bar High School’s Future Business Leaders of America team bore fruit at the State Leadership Conference last month, when several Brahmas placed in the Top 10 in  their  categories.

        At the annual competition held April 12-15, members of each school’s top-placing FBLA categories competed.  Activities include interviewing with judges, role-playing customer service, performing for a small audience and presenting a report. Every type of project is designed to help competitors develop their skills in situations covering a wide range of business-related topics, from hospitality to sports and entertainment.

        Sophomore Ryan Lou placed second in sports and entertainment management. This FBLA section has two components, a test which participants study for, and an interactive role-play or presentation about the importance of marketing to the sports and entertainment industry.

        “FBLA definitely has prepared me with tons of real-life skills. At several conferences, members are encouraged to network and form lasting connections with other FBLA members,” Lou said. “In addition, when delivering presentations or preparing for officer interviews, I learned how to handle a presentation, fend off tough questions, or even build a resume.”

        To prepare for the events, not only did the students have to create and write their projects, but they had to study up on their topics, ranging from business law to economic principles.

        DBHS’ team had 20 Top 10 winners, but did not place in sweepstakes. Of them, six scored in the top three of their categories: junior Timothy Yeh, who won third place in business calculations, junior Kenneth Chen, who placed first in computer applications and senior Rishil Pansuria, who placed second in computer applications and first in hospitality management. Seniors Jefferson Chang and  Ryan Chae and Lou all won second place in sports and entertainment management, while Lou also won second place in spreadsheet applications.

        Diamond Bar team topped last year’s  convention results when  16 students placing in Top 10. Freshmen Arielle Chang and Ryan Real said  they hope to do better  every year.

        “This year’s competition was definitely an improvement in regards to competitive achievement compared to last year,” Lou said. “We were really proud of how many members and officers were able to not only place at such a high level, but also qualify for nationals.”

        The top four winners will be able to attend the National Leadership Conference this summer, from June 28-July 1 in Baltimore.