With the holiday season approaching, gift-giving can stretch budgets thin, especially for students.  Thus, dollar stores present an enticing offer: quality products for lower prices. Here are some interesting products you can find at three of the most popular dollar stores—Daiso, Dollar Tree and the 99 Cents Only store.

Calligraphy brushes ($1.50)

This pack of two calligraphy brushes is perfect for any calligraphy artist. They are also the right price for beginners who are not sure whether they are ready to commit. Daiso also sells ink and paper for calligraphy at the same low price.

Giraffe figurine pen ($1.50)

This metal-coated giraffe figurine is the perfect minimalist decoration for your desk. Not only does it look cute, its neck comes off and can be used as a pen.

Shiba page markers and memo pad  ($1.50)

Shiba Inu dogs are undeniably adorable, and so are these page markers. The differing designs of each marker make it possible to color-code marks on pages as well.

Succulent hanging decoration ($3)

Succulents are a trendy interior decor option, but can require specific conditions to keep growing. These hanging succulent planters are artificial, providing the same aesthetic without the burden of caring for it.

Ugly Christmas sweater mug (99c)

Although they have “ugly” in the name, these mugs, paired with some hot cocoa mix, would make a cute gift for any friends. As the cup’s “sweater” wrap  is removable, the mug can be used year round.

Neon cactus decoration  ($5)

This neon wall light is a way to brighten up your room while staying budget-friendly. Its unique style allows it to match well with almost any room.


1000 piece puzzle ($1)

Puzzles are a great way to unwind during the holiday season, and this 1000-piece set is a cheap way to do so. This puzzle features an oil painting of a canal. It could also be glued together and framed to use as decoration.

Window marker ($1)

These colorful window markers can be used on any occasion to express yourself. Whether you want to wish your friend a happy birthday or add a cute doodle to your car window, the window markers offer versatile uses.

Lavender bath bombs ($1)

Bath bombs are always a great way to unwind. However, they can be pricey if bought from stores like Lush. These lavender-scented ones from the Dollar Tree provide an inexpensive alternative.