Brahmas double up the school spirit


Angela Yang, News Editor

Brahmas looking to kick off the year with double the school spirit may find themselves attending two annual Diamond Bar High School events on the same day. This year’s Rodeo Roundup will immediately precede the Branding Iron game on Aug. 17, and will be held in the amphitheater instead of the usual grass area.

Rather than splitting the fun into two separate, possibly competing events, we thought it would be the best interest of the students and community to have it on the same day where the events perfectly complement each other,” USB senior Austin Hyun said via email.

According to Hyun, reasons given to USB regarding the location change include the possible commencement of portable construction on the lower fields as well as security concerns, as people may find it easier to sneak into the ensuing game from the fields. Held at DBHS on the first week of school each year, Rodeo Roundup is a community event that welcomes all to watch student groups perform and partake in various activities.

Despite the limited space, last year’s popular petting zoo attraction will be making a return. Participants interested in sporting temporary emblems on their skin can also pay a visit to the event’s airbrush and glitter tattoo artists, or get their faces painted by USB members and club volunteers.

Classic carnival games can be played for tickets and prizes, and bubble-making stations will be available for some aesthetically pleasing amusement. The space will also feature an inflatable obstacle course as well as several photo booth backdrops.

Obviously, the amphitheater is much smaller than the lower fields, so we have done a lot of planning and thinking outside the box as to how to incorporate as much entertainment as previous years into a smaller area,” Hyun said. “Overall, we were able to incorporate all aspects of past years’ Rodeo Roundup despite being restricted.”

The obstacle course will be set up in the space between the gym and locker rooms, while food stations will be in the lunch area nearest to the amphitheater.

“Our magnificent [Magnificent Seven] parent groups are in charge of food,” USB junior Arella Yang said via Facebook. “They’re doing everything from pizza to boba to fried chicken.”

Activities will stretch to as far as the side of the 500 building facing the gym, as the amphitheater turf will mainly be reserved for performers.

Visitors will see shows from the DBHS Thundering Herd and pep squad as well as the dance, drama and choir departments. As usual, coaches from various fall teams will speak to introduce their respective sports.

Entrance to the event is free and includes access to photo backdrops and performances, but activity wristbands and meal tickets will be sold at the door for $5 each.