Competing through service: Leo Club


Photo Courtesy of NATALIE CHUNG

Leo Club (left) and Key Club have members and attends events across Southern California.

Emily Kim, Feature Editor

Lions are commonly known for their astounding roar, but at Diamond Bar High School, lions are recognized for something completely different—their volunteer work. The DBHS Leo Club is known for its large number of members that work together not only within their own club, but also with the numerous other Leo Clubs in the district.

These high school clubs are associated with the Lions Club, a community organization that sponsors Leo Club events as well as scholarship competitions.

The members meet twice every month during their general meetings to talk about past volunteer events, upcoming events and upcoming district meetings. Long associated with the Tanaka couple, Leo Club now works closely with Wanda Tanaka after Jack Tanaka’s passing.

The Leos are involved in several events to help the community of Diamond Bar, most prominently hosting the Diamond Bar Winter Snow Fest every January. The members help run booths and look after children at the event.

Also, they have written cards for veterans for Veterans Day and helped distribute them at local centers. The club also worked on a float for the Rose Parade, cutting flowers, filling flower vials with water and spreading different varieties seeds on the float.

“Leo Club is a really interactive way to have fun with friends around you but also do something good for the community and have time to destress from school.” junior director of meetings Natalie Chung said.

The club also holds socials, usually associated with a charity, such as holding a canned food drive for their Thanksgiving gathering.

According to Leo Club President Chelsea Li, socials provide an opportunity for board members to interact with the other members of Leo Club and help to unite club members.

“I feel that Leo Club is like a family. As the president, I want to be friends with everyone. I don’t want to have members think of me as a little bit higher than them. So I try to present myself as a leader and a friend at the same time,” Li said.