Competing through service: Key Club

Sophia Kim , Asst. Web Editor

As one of the first volunteer clubs established at Diamond Bar High School, Key Club continues to thrive with over 150 active members supporting the local community. Based on incorporating their four core values—leadership, inclusiveness, caring and character building—through every activity and event, the club provides a myriad of opportunities for members to explore.

As DBHS Key Club is part of a larger district, which consists of ten high schools, students from across the region of Southern California are involved in a number of joint social events and activities.

Once a month, aside from general school meetings, officers and members from Key Club attend Divisional Council Meetings where they meet up with those from other high schools to bond and discuss large-scale community service events.

One of Key Club’s main social event is the Fall Rally South, an immense congregation in which members from California, Nevada and Hawaii come together at Six Flags as a fundraiser for the Pediatric Trauma program.

For this event, students not only raise money for the nonprofit organization, but also hold spirit sessions in which members cheer in a competition to win the “spirit stick.”

“We like to make members feel excited about service and not just something they have to do,” Key Club president Meghan Shen said.

Emphasizing their motto of serving the community with spirit, members of the club also have a variety of opportunities to volunteer at local community events, such as Isaiah’s Rock, a food packing house that serves the needy.

Around the holidays, members can also participate in a toy and food packing event where they may get a chance to interact with families receiving the items. In addition, this past year, Key Club hosted a school-wide can food drive to donate to the food pantry.

“I really enjoy packing food and cleaning the pantry for the needy,” sophomore Debbie Yim said. “This event is special to me because I get to give a helping hand to the homeless.