Brahma’s first victory against Buena Park

After three long seasons, the boys football team successfully delivered a win for Diamond Bar High School crushing Buena Park 42-13. It was the Brahmas first win since November 2016.

The Brahmas came into the game with intensity, scoring an early touchdown with a rush from junior quarterback Dylan Karanickolas and a 2-point conversion. The defense also didn’t give in as they stopped Buena Park’s drive with 5 minutes left in the first quarter. Through this, Karanickolas was able to find senior Kai Smith with an  11-yard touchdown pass.

Buena Park let their running back do most of the work. Though they kept running the ball, the Brahmas had a hard time trying to stop them. Buena Park scored a touchdown from the 12-yard line, getting the extra point as well, 14-7. Buena Park then went for an onside kickoff and was able to recover it. But its drive failed and the quarter ended  14-7.

The Brahmas scored twice in the second quarter. The Brahmas moved to midfield when  Karanickolas avoided incoming pressure to complete a 30-yard pass to sophomore Chase Wells. After failed rushing attempts, Karanickolas, on fourth down, threw a 27-yard lob to Smith on a fade route to get the touchdown, making it 20-7. However, the Brahmas were unable to get the ball between the upright, missing the extra point.

The Brahmas were able to stop Buena Park’s offense again, with the  DB defense playing with enthusiasm. Near the end of the half, senior J.J. Godwin intercepted a Buena Park pass,  starting another DB drive. At the Buena Park 60 yard line, Karanickolas threw a short pass to Smith, who was able to speed past the opposition to find the end zone, increasing the Brahma’s lead, 28-7.

The third quarter started off with a stalemate. Both teams were battling hard to reach the other end but stopped when nearing the end zone. The Brahma defense kept sacking the quarterback but struggled to bring their running back down. Junior Leo Carreon found his way through the blocks, getting two consecutive sacks on the quarterback.

Buena Park then threw a long pass to an open man for the touchdown, 28-13. The Brahmas later responded with a touchdown of their own, Karanickolas to senior Jeremiah Chukwudobe. The Brahmas then stopped Buena Park seven yards from the endzone, ending the 3rd quarter with a big interception from senior Brian Lee.

Starting the fourth quarter, the Brahmas pitched the ball to Lee, dragging Buena Park players with him into the touchdown, 42-13.

For the rest of the game, Buena Park couldn’t get anything going against the sea of Brahmas. Toward the end, the Brahmas ran down the clock, handing the ball off to senior Moises Gamez.

The next game for Diamond Bar  will be at home against Roland on Friday.