Brahmas compete in film festival

Catherine Liu, Staff Writer

While the process of creating a video is a time-consuming process, requiring many steps such as planning, writing, filming and directing, several Diamond Bar High School students undertook the task for the 9th annual DBHS Doppelgänger Film Festival, held March 23.

The students created their video to compete in one of five categories: commercial/PSA, music video, out-of-the-box, short film and theatrical trailer. Additional awards were given for best actor, actress, director, editor and writer.  

With each category, all of the nominated videos were presented before the winner was announced. Some of the winners also gave speeches after receiving their award. The night featured live music courtesy of the Commercial Music program.

The award for best writing was presented to junior Russell Haro, who created the short film “Stella and Casey.” The film follows the journey of high school student Stella, who is an insecure teenager  unable to voice her true opinions and, as a result, resorts to self harm. However, after encountering Casey, an autistic yet bright student who saves her from sexual harassment, an unlikely relationship develops, leading to a road of true friendship and recovery.

Portraying the lead female character of “Stella and Casey,” 2016 graduate Alyssa Ingalla received the best actress award. Meanwhile, best out-of-the-box went to Desirae Prather, for her work titled “Never the Same,” while the best theatrical trailer award went to sophomore Kevin Saiz’s “The Last Shot.”

Previous theatrical trailer winner sophomore Christopher Lin garnered the most awards of the night, receiving best director, actor, editor and short film. His film, “Russet Stains with Grace Volume I,” took a comedic approach of presenting the rivalry of two childhood enemies. While the story featured a bloody fighting scene and other serious elements, the film ended on a light hearted twist that foreshadows a sequel.

The best music video award went to junior Linda Beltan’s “Good Old Days.”