Back To School Fashion


Amelie Lee

Models: Jennifer Nie and Goodson Ricker

The beginning of a new school year can mean the beginning of a new you. Freshen up your ensembles with these trendy clothing items and accessories while having fun adjusting them to fit your personal style.



Scrunchies are the perfect accessories to tie your back-to-school look together. You can match them with almost any outfit, and they can be extremely convenient and stylish. These hair ties are also very affordable, which helps them become a favorite accessory among many students.



Though Kanken backpacks were on the rise last year, there has been a recent takeover by the brand. Many students are  starting off the new school year with a Kanken backpack due to its high quality material and unique style. These backpacks come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and sizes and can easily find their way into your personal style.



It’s not hard to see how wrap tops became a trend.  Perfect for a hot summer day, wrap tops are not only easy to throw on, but different colors and patterns can also be customized to fit a wide variety of preferences. These tops are easy to style and can be worn with a skirt or shorts for a casual school day.



Big brands such as Fila and Champion have worked themselves into the hottest street style fashion and have reached the DBHS campus as well. The clean cut prints and boxy silhouettes allow for mixing and matching as these sporty brands can put together any casual outfit while exuding a fresh and modern vibe.



These classic shoes have been around for years, and though they have gone in and out of style, they have since found themselves back into the go-to outfits of many DBHS students. The skater shoe gives any outfit a laid-back, comfortable feel. Whether you prefer a simple classic design or a more creative print, they’re perfect for everyday wear.



We have seen the boyfriend jeans and the revamped girlfriend jeans, but this season’s trendiest pants take their roots from the late 90’s with a 2018 twist. These comfy high-waisted bottoms are far from your standard skinny jeans. Pair them with your favorite belts and sneakers for a more edgy, unique look.