Youtube channel ‘creates’ content featuring Brahmas

Christina Liu, Staff Writer

After seeing other people use Youtube to share their talents, juniors Claire Yim, Queenie Lau and Teri Ng decided to create a club–DBHS Create–to provide a platform for students to share their passion and creativity.

“Queenie and I spend most of our time on Youtube, and we figured not a lot of students put themselves out there,” Yim said.

They first came up with the idea for DBHS Create last summer and decided to publicize their new channel on Facebook.

“We are not the type of people to put ourselves out there, we are actually really introverted,” Yim said. “It was actually really scary, but then we got a lot of good luck messages, we gained a lot of courage and we were like ‘It can become something big.’”

On their channel, they make Q and A videos with students and have a series called “What It’s Like Having” to give viewers a student-perspective of their experience with different teachers and their curriculum. So far, the site includes summaries of the teaching styles of  Jennifer Bravo, Lois Cook, Lisa Pacheco, Peter Kottke and Eric Sorenson.

“We are trying to make more student Q and A’s so that other students and teachers around the world can get to know what a student’s life is like at this school,” Yim said.

They have an introductory video on their channel that explains that students are free to post videos about music, gaming, makeup, sports, drawing, editing, school, dance and more. Yim says that the channel is open to any student who wants to showcase their videos.

“They don’t need to have talent, as long as they want to put themselves out there,” Yim said.

The club’s creators hope to eventually monetize their videos to raise money for Pencils of Promise. This charity uses funds to build schools in developing countries around the world.

“We were inspired to donate to Pencils of Promise because of this Youtuber named bubzbeauty,” Yim said. “She sponsors many of the Pencil of Promise projects and she donates a lot yearly, so we wanted to do it too.”

With over ten videos on their platform, they also run a DBHS Create club and hold meetings to offer students opportunities to contribute to certain videos, help with video editing and participate in Q and A’s. To make students more comfortable, they give them the option to post their videos anonymously.

“Students can actually find happiness,” Yim said. “It’s something that has never been at DBHS so I hope they will support us.”