Valentine date ideas

Hannah Lee and Catherine Liu

With February just around the corner, Valentine’s Day awaits, along with activities to do with friends and sweethearts. More often than not, chocolates and flowers are given to commemorate this special moment, but here are a few nontraditional options that may spice things up for once.

At Color Me Mine located in The Shoppes at Chino Hills, couples can paint their own pottery masterpiece and have it delivered to their homes in five to seven days. The pricing varies from piece to piece, but costs are roughly $12 to $75 based on the piece you choose in addition to $10 for studio fees.

Couples can choose to customize a plate, cup, jar or even a figurine of their choice for each other, from doodling simplistic hearts to creating intricate designs for each other. The experience would not only be a great way to commemorate Valentine’s Day but also an opportunity to create unique memories together.

Set in a retro modern themed restaurant with an outdoor seating option, the Rialto Cafe in downtown Fullerton has a hint of the 60’s yet mixed with simplistic styled looks. The combination of the orange hue from the hanging lamps to the hickory themed furniture gives the cafe a cozy feeling. Offering mainly breakfast and lunch meals, the restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes, from breakfast items, such as a breakfast panini and eggs benedict, to lunch options such as sandwiches, salads and paninis.  With prices ranging from $5 to $15, the cafe also offer desserts, such as crepes.

Tucked away in a small neighborhood in Walnut is a hidden gem that ensures an unforgettable night. Known as the “top of the world,” this romantic lookout spot has a breathtaking view of city lights, with  twinkling lights stretching from West Covina to downtown Los Angeles. With no other lighting, it provides a quiet, intimate place for bonding while looking over the several cities.

To get there, turn right onto Country Hollow Drive from Amar Road, which intersects Grande Avenue, and keep going straight up. When you hit a yellow gate, park and head to the right of the gate, where there is a hiking trail and a small dirt hill. Go up the side of the hill and to the top, where you will find yourself at the “top of the world.”

Besides the large variety of dessert items, Coffee Flower offers some of the most adorable cafe decor. Located in Hacienda Heights, the coffee shop is  embellished in fairy lights, flowers, hand painted walls, plants and stuffed animals. The menu offers selections ranging from boba and coffee to macarons and cakes. The desserts are all beautifully decorated and the lattes are served with latte art. The shop also doubles as a flower shop, with a wall of fresh flowers for sale. It provides the perfect date spot with multiple rooms for privacy within the cafe, each uniquely decorated and themed. It also offers a small patio completely covered with various plants for outside seating, with every table covered in tablecloth. By pulling all of this together, Coffee Flower provides a small escape from reality in a romantic, fairytale-esque garden.